At least once a month, there is someone complaining why FlashLite player is "sold" but not distributed "free" by Adobe (check comments here). I am trying to tell the reasons as far as I got the impression from Adobe`s actions and interpretted in my mind considering my perspective to the market. Appearently Alessandro of biskero have come across with some similar situations, that he felt to mention this subject in his blog post today. He mentions main points for developers who may still have such question marks in their mind.

Developers should keep in mind that, FlashLite market will take 1-2 years to get to peak and right now not aiming to end users, but creating content and idea background. Lots of mobile phones coming with FL support and will keep on coming with huge support from Nokia. Nokia also supports platform development and trying to integrate FL to their systems better. This situation is an advantage thinking that developers have a lot of time in front of them to create new ideas and publish their work for future purposes. Good chance to catch it up, before its too late.