ATI Technologies has acquired Bitboys Oy (Finland), a 15-year veteran of graphics industry for up to US$44 million.

ATI is well-known in mobile phone industry for providing high-performance graphics and multimedia solutions; this acquisition enhances ATI's product portfolio with a number of technologies, including 3D graphics and 2D vector graphics technologies optimized for high-volume mainstream mobile phones.

Finland based Bitboys develops and licenses graphics hardware solutions for various wireless and embedded devices. Bitboys' 2D and 3D graphics processor and accelerator products enable fluid, smooth and fast graphics on mobile phone displays. Its also known that Nokia Growth Partners recently invested 4 million euros in Bitboys to support the company's growth and product development.

Check Bitboys downloads section, they have a nice demo of vector graphics user interface with their G12 product. Vector graphics and user interfaces on mobile devices are especially mentioned in press release, it seems like there will be some move on mobile device world. What do you think about forward-looking statements about this acquirement? How would that effect mobile user experience, games or Flash Lite?