Our main focus is mobile; mobile software, phones, interfaces, games and more. However, sometimes it is nice to distract and get out of focus to something other than mobile. Finnish style ass kicking game; Kick-ass Kung-fu is definetely not mobile! It requires a lot of space, a giant screen, social courage and much more effort than finger movements.

Kick-ass Kung-fu is developed by researches from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) couple of years ago. I remember that these guys winning top-talent award in games category in last years. Stand in front of a giant screen and fight against your opponent. Movements are exaggerated, so that it is much more fun. You can beat up your favourite character, or get beaten by a giant game character in front of all your friends and many strangers.

Another interesting point that caught my attention is, the character people kick ass in most of the screenshots. Have you any guess who that favourite opponent is? (GWB would give a hint;))

Check their video for a their presentation.