In April, Samsung released their "cool" handset called "Skin" with a massive advertising. People purchasing the product were amazed with the graphics, it had clean and trendy user interface, graphics, icons and colors. But wait a minute, this icon looks like..

Plagiarism is not a new concept and usually arrogated to students. There can be stated many reasons why students plagiarise, like lack of knowledge, lack of research or writing skills. But what about an electronics giant? Why would a giant company go for a plagiarism? Lack of knowledge? Lack of resources?

Samsung, a well know electronics giant, admitted plagiarizing their new handset Skins' user intererface designs. Although it was hard to recognize that due their ultra-wise choice for designs to steal (iMac, Microsoft), guys from Apple forum did a great job and put them in this shameful situation. They claimed that there were a few mistakes while they were developing the new product and offered updates. Updates can be used to correct a "mistake" on the phone, but am wondering how they will manage to correct their brand new reputation.