Producing a good game is a challenging process. Independent of the size, it requires a good idea, clever design, strong development, extensive testing and the most importantly; effective marketing.

Platypus, a shot'em'right game by Squashy Software, is easily separated from other games. What makes Platypus different is its producing technique: It is completely produced using clay models. Great environment, sounds, playability and unique experience.

Anthony Flack; creator, designer and programmer of the whole game, published his story : The Making of Platypus. He tells the story from the first beginning. How he started to develop the game, how his house is burnt down (yes, thats true, burnt), plasticine shortage and many more. Although it was not a happy and fair end for him, I believe it is a good experience and motivation for him for his future projects. There is also behind the scenes of his techniques, its quite interesting, don't forget to visit.