India's mobile phone market growth is increasing and begins to surpass Russia and US in total amount of subscribers. Country passed Japan in total number of subscribers last month and it is expected to break through the 100 million subscribers barrier in next weeks. In addition to mass subscribers, the country has a huge wireless market, supported by government. Combined with massive usage, sounds like a delicious potential market, right? Yes, but it brings risk factors with the market and money potential, making it a tough adventure to go for.

India's market is not a piece of cake. There are many differences compared to other big markets. Their wireless potential is highly related to government strategies supporting competition. This may mean taking advantages of government inducements, as well as struggling with the disadvantages of bureaucracy and politics. Another point is Indian consumers' low cost handset requirements. This is as low as $40, meaning older technology. However, consumers would go for reasonable handset upgrades, to be able to download music and use entertainment features if offered. Voice services are also for very low costs (under $0.03 per minute), which yields to huge traffic of service usage.

So; an interesting market with a high potential, if smart investment is made and right services are offered. Many pros and cons, cheaper man power, extensive support opportunities. Question is: What kind of services or projects would be suitable for such a market? What could be done to survive and success? Would India be a profitable mobile market together with its traditionally known off-shore business potential?

via premium-mobile