As you may remember, couple of weeks ago, we posted a news about FITC TYPE THIS contest. We prepared a simple Flash game for PSP, however, due deadline was close and we did not see the game at the level we want, we did not submit.

I follow their page to check the results for some time. I am curious, trying to figure out current interest about Flash on PSP, and wondering what kind of games and good ideas had been submitted. It’s told that submissions would end at 21st September and winners to be announced on 30th of September 2006. Although it’s past 30th, there is still no update or announcement about the winners, at least on their web page. I personally sent an email asking about the results, however, no response since then.

So, what is the situation? Is there an announcement, but no web page update, or was the interest that low that there are nothing to announce? Anyone joined or heard anything about that?