Lots of good news from Adobe today.

Flash Lite 2.1 player is available for S60 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices for free!

Flash 2.1 is based on Flash 7 and has following features:

  • XML Sockets
  • Inline text support
  • Dynamic XML data
  • Device video playback
  • Persistent data
  • Powerful and dynamic media
  • Text enhancements
  • Action Script 2.0 support
  • Synchronized device sound
  • Compressed SWFs

And other points mentioned by Bill :

  • These new players are not IMEI locked, meaning you don’t have to provide your handsets serial number before downloading the installer.
  • As part of the EULA you agree to not redistribute the installer.
  • This is only the standalone player; no other content type (wallpaper for example) is supported in this player.

Read Flash Lite Open OS FAQ if you have further questions.

via Bill