Adobe announced Device Central beta integrated to Photoshop CS3 public beta release. Adobe Device Central software, an all-new integrated component of Adobe Photoshop CS3, is designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of creative professionals and mobile developers who design engaging content for mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. If you’re a Photoshop user or graphical designer and interested in creating content for your phone or other phones, Device Central is a great way to get started and experiment.

With this integrated version of Device Central, Adobe gives the insight about how they are working to improve mobile content development workflow. There is also an unofficial support page to help beta users with any questions.

  • Quickly browse, search, and group device profiles
    Learn about mobile devices prior to designing mobile content through Adobe Device Central. Built-in mobile and device profiles contain detailed information on supported content types (Flash Lite, bitmap, web, and video) as well as phone performance and form factor specifications. Directly compare multiple mobile devices along these dimensions. Browse and search device profiles according to phone manufacturer, carrier, screen size, and more. Group device profiles to create target device sets for mobile projects.
  • Preview and test mobile content on the desktop
    Easily preview how your mobile content will look on each device in the context of mobile phone skins. Simulate mobile backlight and sunlight reflections to tune your content for different lighting conditions. Display your mobile designs in these same device skins to pitch or present work to clients from your desktop. Test and optimize your mobile content from Adobe Photoshop CS3 using the now extended “Save for Mobile & Devices” dialog.
  • Obtain free and regularly published device profile updates
    Adobe will provide free updates of device profiles on a regular basis after Photoshop CS3 ships in spring 2007, as new mobile devices appear in the market. Device profiles will be available through both the Adobe Update Manager and Initially, Adobe Device Central will include select profiles for both mobile phones and consumer electronic devices that have been certified by Adobe for Flash Lite . Updated device profiles plug into Adobe Device Central and enable the same functionalities as built-in device profiles.
  • Start a new mobile project in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
    Set up new documents in Adobe Photoshop CS3 tuned for mobile devices. Quickly switch from existing “New…” document and preset workflows to Device Central to specify your target devices and other relevant settings. Alternatively, start a new mobile document directly from within Device Central. Blank documents for mobile devices are created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 once you click on the “Create” button.

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