As you may have already figured out, kuneri bloggy hasn’t been updated for a while. We are all enjoying our short holidays, and will be back in action after new year, with fresh minds and new ideas.

2006 has been a tough but productive year for kuneri. We announced our existence and availability of our products. In 2007, you will be hearing much more from us. kuneriLite will be publicly available in early January for S60 2nd edition and 3rd edition will follow in first quarter. You will be able to experience our Flash Lite games and gadgets, and surely new ones coming up. Last, but not least; there will be more innovations to kunerize your life.

Till then, let’s enjoy our holidays and have good rest; we will need it. We hope 2007 brings happieness and success for all, together with good news and prosperity. We believe 2007 will be even better year for Flash mobile world and we are all going to give our best for that.

Wish all of you a happy 2007!



On behalf of kuneri team.