JupiterWeb, a division of Jupitermedia Corporation, today announced the winners of Developer.com product of the year 2007 contest. Flash Lite 2 is the winner of wireless/mobile development tool or add-in! Congratulations!

Each year Developer.com has its Product of the Year contest. We ask readers to nominate then vote on the technologies, tools, and programs that they think are the best in their field. Last year we said that the contest’s results were the most clear-cut we had ever seen. This year’s results were even more clear-cut than ever. In the main category of Technology, the winner dominated the category with 61% of the votes. Tools such as Apache Ant, which won Development Utility of the year, and Adobe Flash Lite 2, which won Wireless/Mobile development tool of the year, both won by some of the widest margins we’ve ever seen.

Surprisingly we had a shift in brand alliance, four repeat winners, and a winner in the Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in category that we never expected.

Winners of other categories are:

* Technology of the Year – Mozilla’s – AJAX
* Framework of the Year – Ruby on Rails
* Development Tool of the Year – IBM(R) WebSphere(R) Studio
* Development Utility of the Year – Apache Ant
* Web Service Product of the Year – Google(TM) Maps APIs
* Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year – Adobe(R) Flash(R) Lite(TM) 2
* Database Tool or Add-in of the Year – Microsoft(R) SQL Server(TM) 2005
* Java Tool/ Add-in of the Year – IBM WebSphere Application Server
* JSR (Java Specification Request) of the Year – JSR 244: Java(TM) Platform Enterprise Ed.5 (Java EE 5.0)
* .NET Tool/Add-in of the Year – Microsoft AJAX Library, ASP.NET AJAX Control Extensions and ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (collectively “Atlas”)
* Open Source Tool of the Year – IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition