Here is a free chapter from the brand new Flash Lite book “Foundation Flash for Mobile Devices”.

The following book excerpt is Chapter 5, “Application Development,” from Foundation Flash for Mobile Devices by Richard Leggett, Scott Janousek, and Weyert de Boer, published by friends of ED. It is just the book you need to learn how to take advantage of the ever-expanding audience of mobile application users. Inside, authors Richard Leggett, Scott Janousek, and Weyert de Boer cover every facet of mobile Flash—from the essentials of the Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.x platforms and writing applications to testing your work and deploying to mobile users.

Applications presented include screen savers, wallpapers, data-consuming informational programs (for movies, news, and stock tickers), quiz games, action games, and more. You are given tips on mobile Flash development best practices. All of the essential topics are covered, too, including creating and using sound, vector graphics, and bitmaps; optimizing assets for the small screen; coding realistic physics for games; and consuming web services using PHP, Java, ColdFusion, and .NET.