Zodal released a new PSP Flash game: In the crib with Rob and Big, for MTV.

It has been developed entirely in Flash – using our experience of highly optimized Mobile Game programming – based on a combination of Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash Lite 2 techniques. The biggest hurdle in developing Flash content for the Sony PSP is that the Flash Player runs in the “Netfront” browser on the device – and unfortunately does not have full access to the CPU. However if you’re clever in your game design – and heavy on your graphic and programming optimizations – you CAN make a full platform style game in Flash – run beautifully on the PSP.

Game runs pretty well on device, considering how slow Flash player is on PSP. Zodal puts up a good performance, overcoming platform limitations with clever design and implementation. While pixel graphics look very cool, low FPS drops the game-play experience, which may be due to performance related concerns. Another issue is the lack of instructions on how to get the game running on device. There is no easy way to run standalone Flash content on PSP; only way is from browser. Without decent explanation, it’s quite hard for first timers to get the game up and running, which may cause them to give up quickly.

There are 3 different levels with a big boss at the end of each. I like the characters and big boss idea, they make the game definitely more fun. It’s not very easy to beat them up, so you have to be very quick with button combinations. Overall; nice graphics, good game-play and with little more attention in details, a good mobile Flash content penetration to the market.