A new document from Forum Nokia: Avoiding common failures in Symbian Signed and Nokia test.

This document describes ten of the most common reasons why S60 applications fail to pass Symbian Signed and additional Nokia tests. Developers who carefully address the issues described in this document will end up with fewer test rounds and will save money. Applications that pass these test cases will also be of higher quality, which will improve the user experience.

Here are top ten failures:

1. Help or About is missing
2. User interface is inconsistent or not in accordance with the style guides
3. Application launches itself automatically at reboot
4. GSM Offline profile is not communicated to the user
5. Application doesn’t scale correctly
6. Privacy statement is missing or doesn’t declare all used services
7. Application cannot be closed through Task list
8. Application doesn’t request user’s permission before initiating a billable event
9. Uninstall does not remove all files
10. Startup takes too long

All these are S60 focused and there are still many question marks and gaps remaining for Flash Lite developers.