We announced availability of KuneriLite; our innovative S60 framework for Flash Lite developers, in December. It’s been long time since then. Many things changed in market and business; effecting our schedule sometimes positive, sometimes not so positive.

Our initial plan was to release KuneriLite for S60 2nd edition in January and for S60 3rd edition in first quarter of 2007. However, later on we decided to drop 2nd edition support, and go for only 3rd edition. There are many reasons lying behind this decision, however can say that we wanted something that can be used in products right away, and such a framework for S60 2nd edition still doesn’t seem to have productive outcome.

We are about to release KuneriLite beta, hopefully at the end of April. Branding is done, design is ready, security checks are about to be completed and we will soon call for alpha testers. It works seamlessly on S60 3rd editon and we are very happy with the results. Our engineers worked hard, we are all excited and we all believe that it will effect the way of mobile development in a very positive way. KuneriLite will simply allow Flash Lite developers to extend Flash Lite capabilities on S60 platform without any knowledge of Symbian programming.

With first release; Save, Connect, Timer and Download modules will be released; followed by GPS and Camera in following months. Number of modules will increase in time and according to the feedback of developers.

Stay tuned!