A new eSeminar coming soon on May 30th, 3:00 pm ET/12 noon PT

Key challenges in mobile development include the amount of time spent testing and porting content to different devices and the difficulty in finding device specs. Join us for a FierceLive webinar to learn how new workflows in Adobe Creative Suite 3 enable designers and developers to more productively design, preview, and test various mobile content types – from Flash Lite and bitmap to mobile web and video. BlueSkyNorth will provide a real-world example of how easy it is to use Adobe Device Central CS3, the all-new integrated tool in the Creative Suite 3 family of products, to create a Flash Lite application for multiple mobile devices with different screen sizes and Flash Lite versions.

– See a live demo of Device Central CS3
– Learn how you can exploit the features in Device Central CS3 to easily learn about device capabilities and to save time by conducting more of your testing on the desktop


Bill Perry,
Developer Relations Manager,
Adobe, Mobile and Devices

Paul Lamonby,
Technical Director,


Nathan Eddy,