I watched No Plan, No Capital, No Model… No Problem video on Guy Kawasaki’s blog recently. It is almost 2 hours of talk about start ups that neither has a business plan nor a business model with a capital between $0 to $100K and succeeded that well you cold not expect. Especially the story of PlentyOfFish touched me very bad 🙂 I highly recommend you to watch this video and listen what these guys say; it’s very motivating and pushes your buttons of motivation and courage.

I’ve moderated many panels in my time, and if I had to choose one that entrepeneurs should watch, this is it. If you’re one guy/gal or two guys/gals in a garage, it will push all the right buttons, and you’ll love it. However, if your plan is to raise several million dollars from venture capitalists and then hire five engineers, one vp of biz dev, one CTO, two testers, and a vp of marketing to ship a product in a year, you probably shouldn’t spend your time watching it.