News from Jaiku for S60 Beta is now published!

If you are new with Jaiku, here some facts:

“Jaiku is software application for mobile phones that enables you to post and browse Jaikus, add comments, and share your status and location.”

“Jaiku Mobile works like the phone’s regular phone book, and enhances the standard contact list with presence information. It displays the buddy icon, availability, latest Jaiku message, and location for you and your Jaiku contacts in your contact list. It enables you to

  • Browse and post Jaikus
  • Add comments
  • Share your availability based on your ring profile (green light = ringing, yellow light = vibrate, red light = silent)
  • Share your location (neighborhood, city, country) based on cellular network towers
  • Share your calendar events (if you don’t want to share your calendar, Jaiku only displays your status as “busy” when an event is active)
  • Share who you’re with based on nearby Bluetooth devices”

Download beta version from here.