Probably it’s Flash Lite contest season;

SWX contest by Aral;

Create any cool experiment, site, application, and/or mashup that uses SWX RPC, either with SWX PHP or without writing any server-side code at all by using the SWX APIs on the Public SWX Gateway. You can choose to use the SWX ActionScript Library (recommended) or go native with loadMovie()!

All entries must play back in the Flash Player (SWX RPC is supported on Flash Player 6 and above, and Flash Lite 2.x). You cannot use SWX RPC with ActionScript 3/Flash 9/Flex 2 projects at the moment (a version for AVM2 is in the works.)

Mobile Contest in association with Playoo;

Are you a Flash games developer? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, hobbyist or professional, you can put your Flash Lite games in front of a big audience, with the chance to build a following. Start now by entering the launch contest, and you can also win significant prizes.