Kuneri® unveils KuneriLite™ Rapid Application Development toolkit for Adobe® Flash® Lite™

October 11, 2007


Creating thrilling S60 applications made easy with KuneriLite Rapid Application Development toolkit for Adobe® Flash® Lite™



Oulu, Finland – Kuneri, innovative mobile design and development company based in Finland, today unveiled public beta release of their anticipated product KuneriLite™. KuneriLite™ is the very first global product, offering developers to create S60 mobile applications faster, easier and cheaper, without any Symbian programming knowledge.


“We have been developing for S60 platform for a long time and see the potential of Flash Lite very clearly” says Ugur Kaner, CEO of the Finnish company. “We see a gap between strength and user experience in mobile development, and aim to help developers to close this gap by using our tool. We believe KuneriLite will be very popular among developers, as it is very easy to use and learn, and leads to impressing results; bringing imagination into concrete in shorter time. We believe that, because we are mobile developers ourselves and understand developers’ needs very well as insiders. We also had a long alpha testing period and feedback we received supports our belief.”


KuneriLite™ extends Adobe® Flash® Lite™ capabilities on S60 platform and is supported on all S60 3rd edition and newer devices, covering increasing number of smartphones worldwide. There is a rich set of plug-ins available and also allows developers to develop their own plug-ins. KuneriLite™ comes with a very easy to use Wizard interface and guides developers to produce ready-to-install packages step by step. KuneriLite™ is completely invisible to end users and works out-of-the-box, not requiring any additional installations.


“We are proud to be a pioneer in global mobile development business.” says Kimmo Seppänen, Chief Marketing Officer of Kuneri. “We know that mobile content market is very tough. But we believe reduced development costs and time will help small enterprises to arise and provide a richer product set to end users. This definitely makes a difference.”


KuneriLite™ comes with 3 editions: Basic, Professional and Commercial. Basic edition is free to download and try. Professional edition meant for freeware productions, and also offered free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Commercial edition is offered for commercial projects and has a very developer friendly license and price. Further information about KuneriLite™ is available on KuneriLite™ web site; www.kunerilite.net.


About Kuneri


Kuneri Ltd. is an innovative mobile design and development company based in Oulu, Finland. Kuneri creates mobile products, offers expert services to enterprises and provides tools for mobile developers on Adobe® Flash® Lite™ and Symbian S60 platforms. Kuneri is a privately held company founded in 2006.


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