dashara.jpgI2fly released an interactive Flash lite Indian travel guide on “Mysore Dasara” for mobile devices under the Brand of EMO.ZINE.

A compact Mobile travel guide with easy access to all information like:

  • What is this festival ?
  • Time to visit.
  • Weather conditions.
  • How to reach by rail, road and air.
  • Ticket discounts to save money when you visit this city during the festival.
  • Hotel & Travel agents.
  • Beautiful picture gallery to see how festival looks.
  • Other places surrounding city which are interesting to see.
  • News and updates: regarding traffic conditions and routes which updates time to time.
  • Events update.

Finally each section includes highlight mark for important things to know and many tips for travel and visit.

I tested it on my and it looks great! Good graphics, smooth effects. For more details and for a free download, click here.