Forum Nokia has launched a new competition for S60 developers. There will be a new programming challenge on a monthly basis and best solutions will be awarded:

Problem for January

S60 supports multiple different runtimes and programming languages. The aim of this month’s competition is to come up with a way to combine different runtimes.

We are asking you to design and implement a framework that unifies S60 runtimes. The goal is intercommunication of runtimes (for example Symbian C++, Java, Flash, Python, Web Runtimes, you name it). With this kind of runtime interaction it is possible to access new features and re-use existing solutions in a manner that is unheard of. Provide us with your framework implementation and also at least one working example of runtimes interworking. If you don’t have time to implement all the necessary parts – let us know your ideas and planned design to score more points in the contest.

The January’s competition is open until 15th of February (15.2.2008) and we hope to have the best solutions published by the end of February.


Some shameless promotion of our products here:

About frameworks, KuneriLite framework which unifies pure Symbian C++ and Flash Lite, is based on HTTP protocol, giving unlimited access from Flash Lite to S60 features with simple API.
Developer is able to create real S60 application, using powers of Flash Lite in UI development and utilize smartphone features, without thinking of implementatation for platform, in this case for Symbian OS.

When developing on top of KuneriLite framework, it is possible to create hybrid application mixing Flash Lite, Symbian C++ and even Open C runtime modules!

Porting existing C-implementation to S60 environment is dramatically faster, than creating complete Symbian version..

HTTP protocol allows to spread the development to different areas, like using J2ME for development, but there the functionality is limited and access to S60 features is pretty constrained.

We are publishing new release soon with new features!