I am honored to be a Forum Nokia Champion this year 🙂 I am glad to share this opportunity with other great guys from Flash Lite community and new Forum Nokia Champions; Leonardo and Scott. This is a positive beginning, as the number of Flash Lite people increasing in Nokia developer community.

Let me enjoy a long and fancy PR. It sounds exciting, ain’t it?


Ugur Kaner has been named a member of Forum Nokia Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers worldwide. Every six months, Forum Nokia, world’s largest dedicated mobile application developer community, invites outstanding members of the forum.nokia.com community to accept a one-year membership in this reward program. Each Forum Nokia Champion earns elevated professional status, sponsored access to Nokia technical services, and networking opportunities.

Forum Nokia Champions are a select group of outstanding individuals, honored because of their skills and devotion to the Forum Nokia community. Selection is made on the basis of each nominee’s knowledge as it is displayed through contributions to forum.nokia.com, as well as proven expertise within the mobile developer community. Activities and achievements that may be considered and used as a basis for selection might include participating in discussion boards at forum.nokia.com, achieving recognition for Nokia platform expertise through public tutorials or articles and at public speaking events, providing Nokia with feedback on products, documentation, features, or debugging, and sharing Nokia platform expertise in academic settings and in publications.

Forum Nokia is pleased to recognize Ugur Kaner for his spirit of community in sharing his knowledge with fellow mobile developers. For more details about Ugur Kaner and other Forum Nokia Champions, please visit www.forum.nokia.com/forumnokiachampion.