There has been a wave of news originating from Anand’s post lately about Flash Lite 3.1 made available for OEMs. *Personally* I don’t see this as a big news, due it’s for OEMs, and I don’t see any large scale OEM to go for that, due most of them already licensed Flash Lite from Adobe: No big impact for Flash Lite developers.

Today Mark Doherty (Manager of Developer Relations at Adobe Mobile and Devices – EMEA) provided official(?) details about upcoming Flash Lite 3.1 and its features. According to Mark; Flash Lite 3.1 does not offer big difference, but some improvements like;

  • Improved Web Browsing, 91% of top 500 internet sites.
  • Flash 9 (AS2 only) support
  • Local Connection / HTML Text / GetURL_target / CSS support / WMode
  • H.264 support / Improved video support (smoothing, seek)
  • Improved memory handling for images
  • MP3 Streaming support
  • Linux Reference port

Looking forward to see first S60 FP2 device shipped and test Flash Lite 3.1. And thanks to Mark for providing us details.