Dear diary,

Today I bought my first Macbook. I should tell you what I have learnt and should learn, so that I can remember those back. It’s a different world. Feels like drilling from Finland and getting out from China.

1 – Starts up and shuts down so soon. Something must be wrong.

Weird things going on. This thing starts up so soon. What do I do wrong? Do I start in recovery mode? I also figured out it shuts down very fast (I asked my friends, they also had similar experience). Why? Doesn’t it save my sessions? Will I loose my data? Even didn’t give me choice what I want to do by shutting down. Maybe I meant sleeping? Stupid machine..

Investigate this further, find what is going on.

2 – Learn how to eject CD

Damn, there is no button on this CD-rom! How do I eject this thing? It swallowed my CD, will it give back? Check around: Yes, surely there is no eject button.

Edit: I figured out that there is a button on keyboard. Whenever I press it, it gives the CD back to me. Problem solved.

3 – How to install application

This thing doesn’t have a nice installer. Where is Program Files for instance? Why doesn’t it ask where I want to install? Why no “Quick Launch” or “Desktop” icon selection? And what are those things left on desktop? What does ejecting mean? Figure it out.

4 – How to uninstall application

I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find “Programs and Settings” menu. How do I uninstall those things? Figure it out.

Edit: There is no registry; therefore no uninstallation. Just drag the application to Trash can. Download and use this free program: AppTrap. Problem solved.