MacbookYesterday, my great laptop’s (LG R200) CPU fan stopped (it’s a great laptop btw, no complaints about that — except I have to use Vista). Practically I can not work with it anymore; which is disastrous for me. Tens of emails to reply, clients / issues to follow, work to do.. I contacted LG support, and most probably I will get a decent support; but in most optimistic guess it will take 2-3 weeks, considering Finland’s fast(!) service approach 🙂

So, I needed a laptop urgently. I have been looking for an excuse for long time to grab a Macbook; and got this as a message from a greater force and headed right to Stockmann (a store chain in Finland). Luckily there was a good discount, and got a Macbook without too much thinking. Came back, put Leopard CD in and started to wait. Nothing happened. After half an hour phone talk, we figured out (together with Apple support) that my optical drive was defected. No good start. They were talking about a replacement; which would take around 3-4 weeks, which rang death bells in my ear. Damn, I got a brand new Macbook and have to wait 3-4 weeks to use it? And my other laptop is broken? Ok, wait wait; things didn’t go that bad. Luckily, I got the laptop from Stockmann. It’s known by its nice return back and guarantee policy (actually in my opinion, its the only place that you should buy something in Finland. You might want to avoid local shops). Ran back and got a brand new one in 10 minutes. Checked optical drive: OK. Installed Leopard in 1 hour: OK. Now an up and running, trying to figure out how this machine works. Damn, I feel like am in monkey test 🙂 (I searched for CD eject button for long time. Don’t tell anyone)