Nokia prepared a success story for i2technologia in Media and Games section. Congratulations to Felipe and all other highly talented i2technologia guys!

i2 tecnologia is focused squarely on Flash Lite. Andrade developed Anina Dress Up using Flash Lite 1.1. “For me, the decision to develop in Flash Lite for the S60 platform came easily,” says Andrade. Co-founder Ayres adds “Ninety-nine percent of Flash Lite developers use the S60 platform because it has the widest reach of any development platform. When you combine the market-leading smartphone platform with the de facto standard for creating rich, interactive content, what do you get? You get faster time to market, more-attractive graphics, a better user experience, and Flash Player consistency across devices and screens. There is no doubt that the S60platform is the best choice for any Flash developer aiming to distribute his content.”to its clients. The company also is fueling its own mobile projects with the Flyer Framework, an open source Flash Lite and Python for S60 framework that allows Flash developers to extend native Flash Lite features.