If you just migrated to Mac from your lovely Windows, most probably you will want to copy some of your files to your brand new mac (MacBook, iMac, mini or whatever), using your hard drive as an external USB disk. If your Windows drive is formatted with NTFS, soon you will figure out that, all those files you copied from your Windows will be locked on your Mac, and you will not be able to move, delete or alter those files or directories. If you search google with “mac unlock folder”, you will see many questions about that. So, how to solve it?

– Open a terminal window

– Go to the locked folder path. For instance if the locked folder is called “Locked” on the drive called “Drive” type this;

cd /Volumes/Drive/

Or just right click (or ctrl+click) to the file, “Get Info”, see “Where” in “General” and go to that path.

– Now unlock it;

sudo chflags -R nouchg Locked

You might be asked to provide your password, please enter your administrator password when it’s asked.

Now you can erase, move, or do whatever you want with those files after you unlocked the folder.