Alessandro had been working on a commercial Flash Lite 3.0 and KuneriLite project for last 2 months, and wrote his experience on his blog. We are pleased to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ Read the whole story here.

When you must merge 2 technologies to overcome their own limitations, itโ€™s already a pain. So, when you do it, you want simple, immediate tools, that would make your work easier, not harder. With KuneriLite you have exacly this: an easy-to-use, understand and test tool. You have an intuitive Wizard that will allow you to create, setup and SIS package all your apps, and an emulator for easy testing and debugging. This IS what we want!

Briefly said: KuneriLite team is fantastic! Having worked with their product for more than 2 months, I can say to be more than happy for their help and support. You can find all the infos you want on their forums an Wiki pages.