Sony Ericsson Developer World published an interesting article about different ways of presenting data on mobile devices with Flash Lite 2.0.

This new tutorial explains how data from a Sony Ericsson phone can be presented as dynamic Flash Liteā„¢ 2.0 animations which can then be used as freestanding wallpapers (standby) or imported into a theme using the Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool (version 3.29).

Although it focuses on Sony Ericsson devices, this can be applied to most of the Flash Lite enabled devices. iMode users enjoy such representations in Japan for many years already via Flash Lite. If you remember, Adobe also showcased Sponge Bob home screen concept this year in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I am sure, we will see these kind of creative ways of data representations on mobile, as device manufacturers integrate more deeply into their devices. Up now, Nokia has been little too slow (as usual) catching this up, compared to Sony Ericsson. But this doesn’t mean that they will never do it.