Just spotted City Lite, the global winner of Forum Nokia Code Camp competition got featured on Nokia and S60 sites.

City Lite is a nightlife guide built upon Flash Lite from Adobe. It provides information about nightlife events in the cities to which you travel, with outstanding graphics and animations. It is available for all S60 devices that can display Flash Lite versions 2.0 or later. It allows you to browse movies, restaurants, and entertainment events. City Lite also allows you to make calls directly from links embedded in the application, making it easy to book tickets and make reservations. The intuitive navigation interface puts you one click away from maps, phone numbers, e-mail, and Web site information.

You can also grab free Flash Lite screensavers and wallpapers with Olympics theme. Here is the one with battery indicator, and one with the signal indicator. Thanks to Poly and all Ideas Lite team!