We always believe in our ideas and products, as all companies (should) do. However your ‘great’ might not be that ‘great’ in reality or to others.

To challenge ourselves, we applied to pitch SWFPack – our online Flash Lite packaging tool – at [email protected] challenge which will take place in Symbian Smartphone Show 2008 in London. Couple days back I got the news that our product was found interesting and we were selected from a competitive group of entries and welcomed to pitch to an audience composed of Forum Nokia, Samsung, MOTODEV, UIQ, Navteq, Orange and key Symbian decision makers. I am personally excited to test myself and our product in front of such an audience and surely for the possible feedback and business opportunities that might create.

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] will provide companies or individuals with the opportunity to pitch their products and services.


Each pitcher will be allocated 5 minutes to present using either product demos or Powerpoint. Audience members will move from table to table every 5 minutes and will receive contact information for each presenter at the beginning of the session.


[email protected] will be attended by representatives from Forum Nokia, Samsung, MOTODEV, UIQ, Navteq and Orange and key Symbian decision makers.