We have received some questions regarding SWFPack security. It’s quite natural to have such question marks, and I will try to explain some security measures below;

– We do not keep any sensitive project related information on site. All project files (SWF or ZIP) are erased right after the SIS generation. There is no way for us or anyone else to access your source files.

– We keep latest generated SIS file on your account, so that you can download it again later on. There is no way another user to access a SIS file generated by another account, and we make it possible for you to delete the generated SIS file from our servers immediately and permanently.

– We do not have SSL connection for file uploads or downloads at the moment. This will be available for Pro accounts.

– We do not get any source files from you. Basically you upload a SWF file, which is a compiled binary.

SWFPack is a professional tool targeting enterprises, and we know what kind of sensitivities such corporations have. Therefore, we are very careful about your information, and make it as safe as possible. If you have any other questions visit SWFPack forum or leave a comment here.