You possibly heard about LeWeb 2008, the 2 day conference in Paris bringing many interesting speakers and subjects aroung the Web 2.0. But you might not have heard that hottest Finnish startups are about to rock the conference in Finnish way: Sauna.

To promote the hotness of the Finnish Startups there will be a Sauna-Truck in Halle Aubervilliers right next to the conference hall. Sauna is the secret weapon of Finnish Startups – there are few innovations that Sauna can not improve. Sauna will be open for all Le Web participants during the conference. There will be special treats and revelations on both Tuesday and Wednesday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Come to chat with hottest Finnish startups, enjoying a unique Sauna you might never see again. Check the list of the hot startups on ArcticStartup and we will be present among them with Pikkoo.