As we are coming closer to release Pikkoo, we are preparing to return KISS60 back to it’s original purpose (not a screensaver gallery, but a Flash mobile screensaver distribution channel for S60 phones). During these preparations, we dug into KISS60 statistics to see what it has achieved in 14 months since it’s launch late 2007. What we see was quite satisfactory for a service we haven’t put any effort to market or sell, distributing more than 300.000 Flash Lite screensavers to various devices in the market, mosly being S60 3rd edition. It’s also interesting to see, KISS60 mobile application was downloaded (and installed) on more than 40.000 Nokia S60 devices out there.

This creates a rough vision for us for Pikkoo, which supports not only Flash Lite, but all other devices and unlimited content generated by users online.

Below you can see a summary of the the analytics, which includes number of screensavers served per year (duration), screensavers downloaded online or from KISS60 mobile client application.

Flash Lite screensaver statistics