Update your schedule for the upcoming seminars ahead. There are Flash Lite, WRT Widgets and Platform Services in the list.

21 January 09 @ 5pm GMT – Flash Lite distributable Player
The UK Adobe mobile and devices usergroup will be holding the first eSeminar meeting for this year. Matt Pollit and Stuart Varrall will be speaking about the upcoming Flash Lite distributable Player, and how it will affect the flashlite developers in the UK.

22 January 09 @ 7am GMT – Nokia WRT Plug-in for Aptana Studio
Join Forum Nokia in this webinar to learn about the Nokia WRT Plug-in for Aptana Studio, which provides features for using the Aptana Studio or Aptana Studio Pro IDE to develop Web Runtime (WRT) widgets. The plug-in enables you to easily import existing WRT widget projects or create new ones. You can then use features such as full JavaScriptâ„¢ code completion for the Web Runtime 1.0 API to write WRT widget code rapidly

28-29 January 09 – S60 Platform Services — Reaching Further with Flash on Nokia Devices
This webinar will look at the new S60 5th Edition Platform Services and how Flash developers can make use of them. Nokia will give an overview of the opportunities on offer and the techniques used to access location, sensor, calendar, contacts, and other functionality in your Flash and web applications.

29 January 09 – GetJar and their Flash Lite content distribution solution
The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is hosting an eSeminar on January 29th: GetJar and their Flash Lite content distribution solution. Here is the link.

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