That’s a really good news: Adobe today announced availability of a new market development fund of $10 Million under Open Screen Project. This is a great opportunity for Flash Lite developers to get paid and take their ideas and products to the market.

The Open Screen Project Fund is a US$10 million market development fund that will provide grants to developers in order to accelerate the creation of applications, content, and services that leverage the Adobe® Flash® Platform and run across mobile, desktop, and consumer electronics devices.

The Open Screen Project Fund is seeking applications in the following focus areas: entertainment, business, social networking, productivity, gaming, travel, multimedia, health, finance, weather, sports, news, education, and more. The key will be creating applications that work across multiple devices and leverage Adobe Flash Lite® software, the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR® runtimes, and the Nokia platform.

To apply

You can also read FAQ if you have further questions.