Adobe announced via the market researcher Strategy Analytics, Flash Lite has shipped on 1 billion devices (cumulative), 40% of all new handsets in 2008.

If you are a Flash Lite developer, use this number to give a positive impression to your investors or audience. However, if you are a Flash Lite developer, be realistic to yourself and understand that this might not be the news you have been waiting for years. Let’s read between the lines:

1. One billion devices, not phones or mobile devices, therefore it probably doesn’t mean similar to “J2ME is supported on 2 billion devices” and includes many other embedded systems etc: Take these devices out.

2. One billion is global number; which probably includes Japan. Very closed market, no business unless you in Japan or working with Japanese very close: Take these devices out.

3. Second statement “40% of all new handsets shipped on 2008” is a little more concrete number, however again I believe Japan factor is included in there as well.

So what is the ‘real’ number of Flash Lite enabled devices? By ‘real’ I mean number of devices that a Flash Lite can sell software for? If you are a Flash Lite developer, look at ‘real’ data as this one posted by Mark couple months back and hope he posts that in regular basis. If you are a Flash Lite developer, accept that Flash Lite is fragmented, and define a niche for your product, keeping expansion in mind.