How easy it’s to start browsing a web site on your mobile browser? Launch the browser, type the address (how many clicks?), go! Well, if you want people to visit your web site; you have to make it easier to access. Many people will be way too lazy to type your address (especially if it’s long), if you want traffic, you have to make it dead simple. Then the question is: How? Now there is a new and handy tool for anyone to create website launchers for popular Symbian phones with WRT (Web Runtime Widget) support online.

1. Go to Website Launcher Generator

2. Specify your launcher widget’s name

3. Specify the URL to be launched

4. If you have one, upload an icon for the widget

5. Optionally, change the widget’s version number, and its unique ID

6. Click “Generate!” and download your new widget

Kudos to Alessandro, now we can offer our visitors to access our web site with one click from application menu.

On top of my wish-list; I have J2ME support, where you can create a J2ME based launcher for your website, which would let us to reach much more phones.

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