Exciting white paper (PDF) prepared by Juniper Research on global mobile games market for next 5 years. The market is expected to generate $17.6 billion revenue by 2011, with casual games acting as a market driver.

The casual games sector is going to be the market driver, even though it may not be at the leading edge of mobile games technology. Casual games make most use of the inherent advantages of the mobile platform. People want to fill ‘dead time’ with easy to use, but fun games. This is the same in just about every culture.

I would like to underline some points here. It is mentioned the role of casual games in the market and practical meaning of casual games. Does that ring a bell for FlashLite community? Well, I believe it should. We do not need a research report to tell that FlashLite penetration rate will be higher in 2011 (well I think we already have one). If things progress as they are predicted, it seems like FlashLite has the highest potential to be the major player in mobile game industry in 5 years. Why? Well, is there any better platform to create ‘casual’ mobile games, offering low cost and short development time, with background of that many developers worldwide?

via moconews, wirelessweek