Next Augnofi meeting will take place on 31st May. We arranged the event together with ELVI Peli (Game) Connection and bringing many companies, investors and financiers together. I will be pitching about Flash Lite and mobile trends during the event to give an idea about Flash Lite and recent mobile trends. I hope to raise the interest of people to Flash Lite and help them to see the potential. I am also planning to show Flash Lite on Wii, before we start tennis tournament 🙂 I saw that Richard has a good piece of Flash Lite game for Wii, hope it will work fine there. Please leave me a note, if you have other cool ideas for that.

Check out our agenda;

18:30 – Presentation of Jukka Kelmettila from Oulu Innovation

19:00 – Presentation : Flash Lite and mobile trends by Ugur Kaner

19:45 – Company profile : Kuneri Ltd.

20:00 – Fun on Wii : Game tournament

22:00 – Disconnect