Tip of the dayFlash Lite 1.1 doesn’t support inline text input. For Nokia S60 devices, users have to navigate on to the input field and press Select button when focused. This activates native text input dialog, which is by default in “No Restriction” mode (you can enter any character you wish). However, that’s not very usable for some cases, and decreases user experience. For instance if you expect a numeric input from the user, it’s not reasonable to start the input dialog in generic mode. Instead, Adobe provides us a method via fscommand2 :

fscommand2(“SetInputTextType”, “Input1”, “Numeric”);

where, Input1 is the variable (“Var:”) name of the Input Field. This will start the dialog in numeric mode, so that users can start typing numbers right away.

However, this command won’t work anywhere else but root of the main movie. Therefore, if your input field is in a movie clip, just name your input field variable as “/:Input1” and insert the variable and the fscommand2 code into a frame on root. It should look like this;

fscommand2(“SetInputTextType”, “Input1”, “Numeric”);

Note: This is concerns only for Flash Lite 1.1 and Nokia S60 devices. Check out Jesse’s post to learn how the situation is with Flash Lite 2.x.