boxshot_free.pngAs we promised, here is the latest KuneriLite with new features and improvements, just before Mobile World Congress. There are many exciting features, as well as improvements.

– KuneriLite Emulator to emulate your Flash Lite projects on PC
– System plugin with commands to execute 3rd part applications and entering test with input text form
– File plugin command to detect current installation medium (Phone memory or Memory card)
– Upload/Download plugin command LoadVariables, to replace Flash Lite loadVariables functionality and have more control over Access Point management.
– Various improvements

Please see KuneriLite 0.9.5 release notes for more information and follow this link to get latest version.

One of the new improvement is that we reduced KuneriLite into one version and removed Basic, Professional and Commercial version separation to avoid confusions. Now, you can get KuneriLite without any registration (as usual), request a Non-Commercial version or buy Commercial version. We also created a Pre-Sales forum in order to answer your questions before purchasing KuneriLite.

I also would like to mention once more that, you can use KuneriLite Wizard to pack your Flash Lite projects into S60 SIS installers for free. Yes, even for commercial ones.