One thing you might want to have in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress would be a local SIM card. Roaming is crazy expensive, so you should get one. If you do not know Spanish (like me), it’s a little blind dive, but following recommendations and a lot of asking + walking, I got a Yoigo with an internet access. Surprisingly, no one I asked knew about it, but it’s easy and it works. Here are some time saving instructions for you;

– Find a “The phone house” store. There is one in La Rambla. If you ask Tourist Information point, they will tell you
– Ask for Yoigo. Takes 5 minutes to register and get it working. You will need a passport, that’s all. It costs EUR 10 with EUR 5 credits included.
– You will want to have internet access. Internet access is not activated by default. If you know Spanish, call 622 and help yourself. If not, ask the gentleman or lady to activate it for you.
– Your internet connection should be activated in a day (mine did). I have no idea how much it costs, but can’t get too wrong, it’s already prepaid 🙂