screenshot0004.jpgToday, we are proud to announce the availability of KISS60 Beta 0.9! We have been working hard to make it exceptionally good looking, highly functional and pleasant to use. New version of KISS60 is one of the best examples, exposing the potential of our innovative platform KuneriLite and demonstrating the next generation S60 User Experience. Now you can enjoy Flash Lite screensavers on your S60 device even more and easily manage them using our software.

KISS60 is also a great potential for content aggregators, advertisers and screensaver developers. It enables Flash Lite content on 20% more devices, increasing content availability and boosting revenues. KISS60 has a very flexible content download system, that can be integrated into any kind of payment system or distribution channel. Furthermore, availability of many free screensavers makes it a very powerful advertising platform.

Some feature highlights;

– Interactive S60 UI with Flash Lite
– Enable Flash Lite screensavers on your S60 phone
– Easily manage your screensavers
– Simply download free screensavers from free KISS60 gallery
– Share KISS60 and your screensavers with other S60 and Series 40 phones
– Set up screensaver timeout and backlight duration

If you are in Mobile World Congress, just drop by to Adobe stand and learn more about KuneriLite and KISS60 from us. If not, stay tuned to our blog for latest news and enjoy KISS60 in your hands.