I used to use my lovely Nokia N76 (or N95) to connect to Internet with my unlimited GPRS (3G) data plan, whenever I had to sit on my ass for many hours in a train. I said I “used to”, because I neither use PC nor a Nokia (sorry guys, Apple stole my heart). Today, I gotta sit in a train for 5 hours, therefore had to figure out a way to connect to Internet with my Macbook and iPhone. But the thing is: I don’t have a 3G iPhone (yet), therefore I had to figure out how I could connect to Internet with my Nokia N95 on my Macbook (Leopard), which would be faster.

So this is how;

1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ on your dock

2. Select ‘Network”

3. Plug in your Nokia to your Macbook via USB cable (faster)

4. Select ‘PC Suite’ on the phone

5. You should now see your Nokia connected on left pane. Click on it.

6. Check ‘Show modem status in menu bar’ option and click on Advanced

7. Choose ‘Nokia’ as vendor and enter your APN (you can find it on N95 under Tools->Settings->Connection->Access Points->(Carrier name)->Access Point Name) and hit OK.

8. Click ‘Apply’ (this is important, otherwise nothing will happen)

9. Click ‘Connect’

That’s all. If it doesn’t connect you might need to enter a phone number, user name or password depending on your operator. Please contact to your operator or see operators web site for details.

Hope helps.