Batman Dark KnightLast night, I went to this famous Batman The Dark Knight movie (9.4/10 on IMDB). Although it was not exactly my taste of a piece, I can say that it was successful for a comic book conversion. The interesting point about this movie was an in-movie advertisement Nokia had for the Nokia’s speculated(?) touch screen device Nokia Tube / iPerformer / 5800 (or whatever you heard of). Morgan Freeman clearly used the device to hack into a building in Hong Kong and helped Batman to beat the poor(!) accountant. I paid special attention to these scenes (naturally), and was surprised (I usually am not fond of Nokia’s advertising strategies) how Nokia could shoot a nice spot for such an advertising.

Now that you have another good reason to watch this movie. Just pay attention to the scenes with Morgan Freeman in Hong Kong, you will see what I mean. But just to put your feet on ground; this device will neither be that fast as it’s shown, nor can be used to hack a building 🙂

PS: I see, I am not alone to notice this detail 😉