Interesting statistics from M:Metrics . Although it mostly focuses on mobile games, it’s still possible to extract other interesting details about Flash Lite devices, US / Europe comparison and user demographics.

14 Million – Number of British people who browse, download or use a mobile application

Brits are clearly one of the most active mobile device users in Europe. Although the number looks quite optimistic, but can we use it on any generalization for Europe?

28% – 3G penetration in US and Europe (almost)

Having 3G doesn’t mean that you use it. Although US is very good at flat rate, European users still suffer from high price levels. Might this also mean that European users buy 3G in conscious?

5% – Europeans with flat rate data plan

Where, 15% for US. Might look like US is ahead, but considering the population (Europe is almost 2.5 times more crowded than US), it’s almost the same.

Would it be possible to say US people are much better consumers than Europeans? What I observed is Europeans are not very easy going to purchase something compared to US. Although these figures show US and Europe almost same for 3G and flat rate penetration, I am still not sure if it’s possible to do profitable data dependent business in Europe.

27% – European people with Flash Lite enabled handsets

Where this is 16% for US. This makes a clear distinction of Flash Lite penetration between Europe and US. With these figures Europe looks like a better place to do business on Flash Lite (if you are not in Japan). That’s no surprise considering in Europe Nokia and SE penetration is much better than US. However, is quantity give us a clue about quality? I have the impression that US market makes more money out of Flash Lite content than Europe, due these content is pushed by operators, rather than handset makers. This makes me think that even figures are low for US, US would still be much more convenient for paid content; where Europe would be perfect for advertising supported content services with Flash Lite.

I am little skeptic about the Flash Lite figures; due I am not sure if M:Metrics counted N70 within Flash Lite enabled handsets. Although it’s Flash Lite enabled, player doesn’t come out of the box, which takes N70 and similar popular handsets out of the picture. If N70 is in this 27%, reality would be much less, considering N70 is the still most popular handset in Europe.

Looking at the figures, market seems to improve. This is no surprise. Everyday more Flash Lite devices are shipped by Nokia or Sony Ericsson (or other S60 licensees). My missing piece is a raw model showing Flash Lite can make money outside of Japan.

These are my personal opinions after reading the article. Mark has much more optimistic approach to these figures. I might be missing some other important points, but would be happy to discuss more. I am always up to figure out and expose the real potential in markets.