All the buzz of MobileMe disaster of Apple, somehow reminded me Nokia willing to be an Internet company (or should I say trying?) As a respected Hardware and Software company (they still do great), do you think Nokia can make a good Internet company? Or would it be a too big piece to chew?

It’s not hard to see that Apple’s failure has much to do with a wrong strategy (i.e launching the service toghether with iPhone 3G). However, also shows that, brand, money, blindly attached fans are not enough to succeed on Internet, and even Americans can fail in that arena. I am sure that they will take their lesson and somehow will succeed to compensate. But how about Nokia? Finland is too far from US, not only in miles, but also in mentality, speed, approach etc. As a company, who hasn’t had any luck (or chance) in U.S market, will they be able to steal the heart of US consumers? If it’s true that Internet business goes through U.S, what kind of chance do they have?

I will not bring up statements. I haven’t thought deep on that, therefore at the moment this is just a question. I would like to learn how you think about Nokia brand together with Internet and take my thoughts deeper.