Today Adobe announced the availability of Photoshop for mobile.

Today we announced a new addition to the family, Mobile beta, which is a rich Adobe Flash based mobile application that offers camera phone users an easy way to upload, view, and share photos using their account. Mobile runs in the background on the phone and allows consumers to take photos, send messages and run other applications while pictures are being uploaded to their account.

It is currently available on 6 Windows mobile devices.

  • Samsung Blackjack I
  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Motorola MOTO Q 9h
  • Motorola MOTO Q Music 9m
  • Palm Treo 700 w/wx
  • Palm Treo 750

Please not that this is not “Photoshop Mobile” but “ Mobile”, which means this application has nothing to do with image manipulation. Just a mobile picture uploader using Flash Lite technology (at the moment).

Another small note without a comment: If KuneriLite was used; this application could address 56 devices instead of 6.